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As a leading provider of non-invasive level sensors, we are accelerating the growth of partner companies by reducing their operational cost, increasing their asset management and providing much better control on their supply chain. Our platform also reduces the environmental footprint while increasing worker safety.

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Non-invasive sensors that ‘see’ through petal and plastic. Measures the volumes of liquids, solids and gases from outside their respective tanks.

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AI-Enabled Smart Cloud

Through AI, the amf NANO smart cloud makes your operations safer and more cost-effective.

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Application Layer

The data is converted to dashboards that issue alerts based on detection of critical levels. The platform can be used for sending notifications and taking actions.

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All data captured to inform best practices to be implemented throughout every step of the supply chain.

Non-invasive sensors measure the volumes of liquids, solids, and gases:

Liquids: Includes most of the industrial hazartdous liquids such as oil, liquid waste, methanol, biocides, gasoline, etc.

Solids: Measures industrial solids such as grain, sand, solid waste, etc.

Gas: Capability to measure liquefied natural gases (LNG) and cryogenics.

Three patents issues, two patents pending, one patent to file.

Locate: Our platform uses inputs from GPS on the sensors to provide the location of the assets being tracked. On demand and periodic tracking of the assets, location history, tracking routes of assets in motion.

Detect: Our customers can detect when the containers reach critical upper fill levels. Based on the detection of critical levels, the platform can issue alerts. If interfaced with the PLC’s, sensors can issue shut-down alerts for the pumps. AMG Nano sensors can help our clients to avoid hazardous situations.

Alert: Based on predetermined criteria, the platform can be used for sending notifications and action oriented demands.